LeBron’s awesome post for his son Bryce, in Bronny’s shadow

Totally focused on the upcoming Game 5, LeBron James does not forget his family. The Laker has also recently published a message for his son Bryce Maximus. The opportunity for the latter to come out of the shadow of his brother Bronny.

If the daddy Lebron james is on the downward slope of his playing career, his children already have something to mark the spirits in the future. His eldest son Bronny is a rising basketball star and is already one of the sport’s future cracks, while his youngest Zhuri unleashes the web with his TikTok account.

Between the two, however, he has the youngest of the trio, namely Bryce Maximus James. At almost 14 years old, the man walks in the shadow of his brothers and sisters. That doesn’t stop his dad from highlighting him, as on this cute Twitter post from LBJ:

🗣🗣🗣🗣 CONGRATULATIONS to my son Bryce Maximus for graduating from college! Next step, high school! I am proud of you my big one! Keep climbing the peaks # JamesGang👑

A very nice message from the quadruple NBA champion dad, who once again reminds him that each of his children is precious to him, not just those with the hype around them. In the shadow of Bronny and his little sister, Bryce Maximus also lives special moments, like finishing college for example.

On top of that, it’s not like the kid doesn’t have orange ball talent in hand. His father was also extremely frank on the subject, not long ago.. Could we one day see the two James brothers one day on the NBA floors? Who knows, maybe well.

In the meantime, the Young King will be able to discover a very important environment: high school. In High School, his skills on the floors and in lessons can be decisive for the rest of his career. There is no doubt that the King will ensure that everything goes for the best.

Nice message from LeBron for his son, who must certainly appreciate the praise. Let’s hope for the James family that the Chosen One brings back an NBA title in honor of Bryce Maximus!

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