« LeBron wants to show KD that he can win with Westbrook, he’s going to regret it! » « 

It’s official, Russell Westbrook is now a Laker. He will be able to form a present a delirious tandem with LeBron James, and try to look for a champion’s ring. Nevertheless, according to a famous analyst, this move could cost the King dearly…

The first big trade of the 2021 offseason has fallen, and as you might expect, the Lakers struck first. Traded for three players and several draft rounds, Russell Westbrook leaves Washington for the City of Angels, in order to form a monstrous Big Three with Lebron james and Anthony davis. Suffice to say that the tone was set from the start!

That being said, not all observers are convinced by this move, believing that the Californians could have done better. Among the latter, Skip Bayless notably gave voice from the announcement of the XXL exchange. The analyst Fox sports said in particular that if LBJ wanted to get the Brodie back, it was because he wanted to prove something to a certain Nets player:

LeBron knows full well that Kevin Durant, best player on the planet, decided he couldn’t win a championship with Russell westbrook as the main decision-maker. Now LeBron obviously means, « Watch me win with Russ. » He WILL REGRET letting Russ be his point guard. He’s too dominant when it comes to ball possession.

If the journalist is known for hitting the King at all costs, he raises a legitimate point: Westbrook exists mainly through his game with the ball in hand, and we saw during his freelance at the Rockets that it was difficult for him to really perform alongside another huge ballhandler. Complementarity with LeBron is therefore not obvious … Bayless has also added a layer, sending another grim warning to the winger:

I know you want to show the NBA world that you can win with Russ when KD failed. It will not arrive. You will regret having signed this contract. You will see that your Lakers, tonight, have gotten worse.

For Skip Bayless, the association between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook will therefore not give anything good. the 2021-22 season will show us if the analyst’s doubts are justified, or if the Lakers have achieved a stroke of genius on draft night!

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