LeBron validated by a legend with unexpected words!

Respected by the vast majority of his peers for his prowess on the floor, LeBron James still has some gray areas for fans after 19 seasons in the league. A legend has chosen to lift the veil on one of them, with words full of respect.

What more can we say about Lebron james ? Quadruple NBA champion, multiple MVP of the Finals and adorned with countless other accolades, the King is a real machine on the floors, feared and respected by everyone. On the other hand, the native of Akron is not necessarily known for another important facet in some of the biggest names in history: trash-talking.

Where Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan or Larry Bird wrote their legend with great blows of incredible anecdotes on their murderous punchlines and their limitless arrogance, LeBron gave rise to few myths of the genre. Is it because he doesn’t trash-talke? For a legend in the matter, the answer is a resounding « no ».

Kevin Garnett as LeBron James’ trash-talking lawyer

Guest of the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” podcast, Garnett made it clear that if he remains discreet, the Chosen One does not give his share to the dog when it comes time to whisper in his ear:

I wanted to see those who had it in their stomachs. A lot of people don’t know that LeBron James might not be shouting it from the rooftops, but he’s going to be a dirty trash-talker. Bron is a real one, period. He’s from Akron, Ohio. If you do a little research on that, you’ll see that it’s not Beverly Hills or some shit. It comes from a real lease, in the hard.

Coming from Kevin Garnett, this is one of the biggest compliments possible. A few weeks ago, already, the Big Ticket had praised his physical and verbal battles with James, having no difficulty in admitting that the two men had said « crazy things » to each other during their confrontations.

It must be said that LeBron and KG clashed a lot during the years 2000 and 2010, contributing to the legacy of the Eastern Conference at the time. In total, between 2003 and 2016, no less than 60 matches took place between the two enemy brothers. Balance sheet? 31 wins for James (17 in the playoffs), and 29 for Garnett (13 in the playoffs).

Kevin Garnett wants it to be known: behind his smile and his good words to the opponents, LeBron is a killer on the pitch, ready to trash-talk anyone who gets in his way. Astonishing? Not that much.

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