LeBron upset by the Lakers’ latest move!

After a disappointing season, the Lakers will make many changes within the franchise. It has already started, although some are unintentional. The last move did not please LeBron James, disappointed, but also happy.

Eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers are on the cusp of a turbulent summer. Dennis Schroder is a free agent, as is Alex Caruso, freshly arrested by the police. Not the best advertisement for the point guard, who does not yet know where he will play in 2022. One thing is certain: Rob Pelinka has work to maintain a competitive roster.

Somehow, this elimination will allow players to recharge their batteries. Anthony Davis will recover from his groin problem, when Lebron james can hope to regain his ankle 100%. Bodes well for the future, even if the summer is far from over.

More recently, and because of injuries, the Angelinos have made a change in their staff. This is not the first, nor the last, since Jason Kidd is also packing his bags. Indeed, he has become the new coach of the Mavs, and will therefore have the chance to coach Luka Doncic.

A great opportunity for Kidd, who will still have a heavy task: to take the Mavs to a new level. It’s not easy, but LeBron James seems delighted for him, albeit frustrated. The King has reacted to the news on Twitter, and obviously doesn’t like losing an important part of his team.

Damn I hate losing Jason Kidd but at the same time I’m so happy for him! Good luck Kidd!

It is clear that LeBron James had a high opinion of Jason Kidd on the Lakers bench, but the latter is leaving with his talents on the Dallas side. Hard blow for Frank Vogel, who will have to find a replacement in the coming days.

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