LeBron unleashes cold anger: « Adam Silver was wrong »

The season has not yet started, but the NBA must already manage a very sensitive file which could explode before the resumption. We are talking here about the Suns, since the owner has just taken a heavy sanction from the NBA, after many heinous acts over the past 18 years. Not enough for LeBron James, who stepped up.

It is not the joy a few weeks before the resumption of the NBA, the fault of Robert Sarver, owner of the Suns. The latter has been the subject of heavy accusations in recent months, forcing the league to conduct an investigation with more than 320 interviews and 80,000 documents according to ESPN. The result ? A $10 million fine and a ban on continuing his business with the Suns for a full year (full penalties here).

When you see the faults of the owner, there is reason to ask questions about the sanction. The list is extremely long concerning Sarver, who has committed racist acts using the word « n**** » at least 5 times. He also made several sexist remarks to employees, or did not hesitate to speak about it with employees via e-mail. And that’s just a small sample of what Sarver has been up to in recent years.

LeBron furious after the decision of the NBA!

Results ? Sarver is still in office. He will pay a fine which remains light for him, and will return in a year. Several journalists asked the question to Adam Silver, present at a press conference on Wednesday: why does the owner of the Suns have preferential treatment? Any player, or simple employee of an organization, would have been fired on the spot? The commissioner’s response? Ashamed.

Beck: “Why would the limit be different for an NBA owner compared to anyone else in this league? »

Adam Silver: “There are certain rights for someone who owns an NBA franchise to someone who is just an employee here. »

We’ll skip the rest of the answer, but Silver missed it here. The simple sanction against Sarver proves it well, being an NBA owner gives you certain privileges in this league. In response, LeBron James got annoyed in person on his twitter account.

I read the articles on the Sarver dossier many times now. I’ll be honest, I think the NBA definitely got it wrong. I don’t need to explain why. You have all seen the article to make up your mind. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no place in this league for that type of behavior. I love this league and I respect our leaders. But that’s not fair. There is no place for misogyny, sexism and racism in any workplace. We hold our league as an example with our values ​​and this is not the case here.

By dropping a simple suspension and fine to a racist, sexist and misogynistic owner, the NBA has failed in beauty in the case of Robert Sarver. The players’ association has already issued a statement expressing its disappointment, while action by the Suns is possible in the coming weeks, especially with Chris Paul. Adam Silver to rectify that.

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