LeBron takes out controversial shoes … on the GOAT debate

Eliminated for the first time in his career in the first round of the playoffs, LeBron James has been taunted by part of the NBA community in recent hours. That didn’t stop him from making a signature sneaker proclaiming him… GOAT.

If LeBron beats the Nets in the Finals, he will be the undisputed GOAT!

This kind of statements, delivered a few weeks ago by former league players, appear today very obsolete. This scenario, certainly plausible before the start of the playoffs, does not hold up anymore.

Defending champions and big contenders for their own succession, the Lakers were taken out of the playoffs table in the first round by Phoenix. A resounding failure, which is more historic for Lebron james. Before this disappointment, the leader of LA had never been eliminated at this stage of the competition in his career.

Rather than adding a flattering new line to his candidacy for the title of best player in history, on the contrary, the King sees his legacy undermined following this rout. Bad luck, since a new color for his LeBron 18, which was to be released later in the postseason, made him… the GOAT.

The words “La Cabra”, “Campeona” and “Mejor Ganadar” can be read on the heel of the sneaker, which can literally be translated as “the GOAT”, “Champion” and “Best Winner”. A new logo, representing a goat in a basketball, accompanies the tour on the insole.

However, some inscriptions remain to be deciphered, like the number 3 present in numbers and letters on the vamp filled with writing. For the specialized site SneakerNews, that would be a direct nod to the tale « Les Trois Boucs Bourrus », or « Three Billy Goats Gruff » in English. Either way, the basic message conveyed by the shoe remains clear.

For want of having been able to give a little more credibility on the ground to the thesis according to which he would be the GOAT, LeBron James defends it with the help of… one of his pairs of signature sneakers. Funny idea, which should certainly be controversial.

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