LeBron soon pushed out to the Lakers? The crazy rumor swells!

Amid the many disappointments recorded at the Lakers this season, LeBron James serves as the franchise’s rare satisfaction. However, his recent actions towards his leaders could precipitate his departure according to a renowned insider!

While logic would have wanted him to delegate responsibilities once again this season, and take his foot off the accelerator a little, it is ultimately the opposite phenomenon that occurs. Despite the presence of Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook at the Lakers, LeBron James must continue to bring the deductible to 37 years. All without being really helped by his front office from his point of view.

The LeBron / Lakers marriage on the verge of implosion?

Waiting for reinforcements on the sidelines of the recent trade deadline, LBJ did not inherit what it wanted. What to generate great tensions between him, his representatives and the leaders of LA the last days. However, in this little game, the King could for the first time in his career not emerge victorious! In any case, this is what Marc Stein suggested in his latest paper.

The Lakers will be able to trade several first-round picks this summer, after being limited to the 2027 one in their recent trade proposals. Problem: They’re still running out of players that other teams are coveting to include in a package with these picks. James can complain about the missed deadline all he wants, but that won’t make Pelinka’s job any easier.

Instead of helping him get what he wants, LeBron’s multiple reproaches could thus serve him!

One has to wonder how much points he loses to the Lakers by doing this. Pelinka has the stalwart support of Lakers owner Jeanie Buss and is firmly seen as a pillar of the franchise’s 4-brained mastermind alongside Buss and power couple Kurt and Linda Rambis.

Therefore, if Jeanie Buss had to decide between her star and her GM, it is towards the latter that her choice could be made. And this, despite everything Bron has been able to do for the team since his arrival!

For all the justified credit James deserves for pulling the Lakers out of the worst period in franchise history, getting them through the tragedy of Kobe Bryant’s death, and giving them a title after a barely believable six seasons without the playoffs, his continual attacks on Pelinka might not be forgiven him so easily.

Remember: this is an organization that has completely severed ties with icon Jerry West, who can reasonably lay claim to being the greatest Laker in history by showcasing his accomplishments as a player and member of the front office. James and his agent Rich Paul, for all the control they have, are still seen as outsiders in the Lakers’ power dynamics. If West can be pushed aside, be sure LeBron can be pushed aside if he’s no longer able to pull the Lakers out of mediocrity.

By openly attacking Rob Pelinka, LeBron James could therefore sign his death warrant at the Lakers. A situation that leaves fans speechless, but which could well result in a shock departure from the King more or less quickly!

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