LeBron shocks and snubs Michael Jordan!

Before giving him a hard time in the all-time rankings, LeBron James was, and still is, a big fan of Michael Jordan. However, he honored another legend when he revealed his favorite player when he was little!

Even though the media and fans have tried for years to put them in opposition, both show their respect for each other at every opportunity. Presented as rivals in the various all-time rankings, LeBron James and Michael Jordan do not present a relationship of the kind in real life at all. On the contrary, one even represents the youthful hero of the other… and yet.

LeBron’s favorite former glory to Michael Jordan

Cradled by the exploits of the Bulls, LeBron was much inspired by Jordan during his younger years. Moreover, he never hides this youthful admiration, whether when he meets His Airness at the All-Star Game, or behind the microphone. Launched in a quick FAQ on the sidelines of the Lakers’ Media Day, the King was however surprised following a question with a seemingly obvious answer:

Journalist : Your favorite player when you were little?

LeBron James: Ken Griffey Jr.

Instead of paying tribute to MJ as he is used to, Bron has this time decided to highlight the impact that Ken Griffey Jr. may have had during his childhood.

MLB legend, the « Kid » has apparently marked LBJ more with his prowess on the baseball field. Retired since 2010, the latter now carefully follows the course of the Chosen One in the NBA, and has even made a big promise about Bronny recently. Anyway, Internet users did not expect to see him chosen at the expense of Jordan, and made it clear:

Fan of Michael Jordan in his childhood, LeBron James still considers Ken Griffey Jr. as the player who above all marked this period of his life. An outing that is likely to please its target, and a little less to Mike!

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