LeBron sauced by a rookie: « I’m going to play with the GOAT »

LeBron James is perhaps the man most respected by the players, he who has an unrivaled track record and who has dominated for almost 20 years. Besides, a young Lakers rookie had trouble hiding his emission during his presentation conference, with an ultimate complement to the « GOAT ».

LeBron James knows it, his Lakers will be particularly expected next season, especially after such a mediocre exercise as the one that has just ended. With the injuries that plagued the group and the crying lack of chemistry on the field, especially in defense, the Purple and Gold did not even manage to qualify for the playoffs, which is unworthy of the standards established in the franchise. .

In order not to relive this embarrassing situation, all the bosses are working behind the scenes to rectify the situation. On the player side, he is the King’s luxury lieutenant Anthony Davis who follows a Spartan training to regain optimal physical condition and sensations in the game. On the executive side, Rob Pelinka is considering many ways to improve the workforce. A reputable point guard was notably put on trial.

Juan Toscano-Anderson puts LeBron in the shoes of the GOAT

And among the great signings of this early summer, there is Juan Toscano-Anderson, the former Warriors, who has the potential to establish himself as an important player in the Darvin Ham system, in particular thanks to his versatility defensive. He should also get along perfectly with LeBron James, who will appreciate the huge compliment made during the presentation press conference.

Everyone around me is telling me that I’m going to play with LeBron James after playing with Stephen Curry, but right now I’m just trying to enjoy this moment. I’m really grateful to have been able to play with Steph, it’s not common to be surrounded by excellence, in all areas of life. People don’t often have that chance on a daily basis.

I appreciated his presence every day, and now I have the chance to play with LeBron, who in my eyes is the best basketball player of all time. I don’t know how it will feel the first time yet, but I know it will be great. It will motivate me, it will give me confidence, and above all it will be a real challenge.

Juan Toscano-Anderson has already understood everything about integration with the Lakers, his first official statement was punctuated by a huge compliment for his new leader LeBron James. And if the King does not necessarily have the most oversized ego in history, he risks sketching a small smile when he hears his young teammate place him above Michael Jordan in the race for the GOAT.

Juan Toscano-Anderson is lucky, he goes from one historic franchise to another, from one legend to another. After being able to observe Stephen Curry in his works, he will be able to learn from LeBron James on a daily basis.

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