LeBron reveals the player he particularly supports in these Finals

Eliminated in the first round with his Lakers, LeBron James does not hesitate to follow the Finals in progress. He also recently revealed which player participating had his favors. Who is the lucky winner of the future Hall of Famer?

As the Bucks and Suns battle for the title, Lebron james takes a rest in the summer of 2021. The Lakers winger is not used to being on vacation so early, he who has played eight Finals in the last eleven years. However, he is far from inactive, since his film Space Jam 2 has been released in theaters … and unfortunately got screwed by the critics.

Not enough to make King lose a smile, who saw a very important project on a personal level come true. Beside that, however, he does not forget to follow the news of the orange ball. Invited on the set of Jimmy Kimmel, he notably revealed which player he particularly supported:

Of course I’m watching the Finals now. I have a horse that competes in the race, and his name is Chris Paul. So I watched him from the start of the series. He’s my brother, and we’ve known each other since my freshman year of high school, his sophomore year.

No big surprise from the King, since the friendship between him and CP3 is indeed known to all. The two men are members of the « Banana Boat », also made up of Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony. Rumors are circulating about a possible arrival of the leader in LA, what the King gave his opinion.

In the meantime, Paul has however Finals to finish with Phoenix. Rather mediocre in Game 4 which saw Milwaukee equalize (10 points, 7 assists and 5 stray balls), the Point God must be redeemed in the next game. Either way, he will have to be on top if the Suns want to lift the first title in their history, given the importance it has had for them this year.

It is therefore agreed, LeBron James supports Chris Paul and therefore the Suns as a result. We imagine that the Bucks will do everything to ruin the pleasure of the King, by winning the NBA title!

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