LeBron reveals the detail that could have deprived him of a career in the NBA!

Since 2003, LeBron James has amazed NBA fans with his talent worthy of the greatest players in history. However, the King could very well have turned to another area being younger … except for one detail!

Before discovering his new Lakers teammates, Lebron james mainly spent his last days of vacation… watching US football. A great amateur, the leader of LA has indeed closely followed the start of the NFL season. He also recalled his immense passion for the oval ball on Twitter, when he fell back on his own high school highlights.

I love this sport so much !!! 🏈❤️👑

The King loves his old discipline so much that he has agreed to spend his last hours of rest discussing it in the ManningCast. On the sidelines of the meeting between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, he was able to reconsider his footballing liabilities, and received praise from the two famous Manning brothers on his performance. This, before revealing what could have motivated him to pursue a career in the industry!

Peyton Manning: Tight-end, 2m05, 115 kilos …

Eli Manning: What is this throw ?! Who was your quarterback? He didn’t even manage to send the ball to you!

LeBron James: (Laughs) Look, I think if I had a better quarterback in high school, I might have continued to play football. But I was undergoing too many shocks! This is what led me to the basketball courts! (Laughs)

In the end, NBA fans can rejoice that the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School did not excel in the field. Those in the NFL may regret never having seen LeBron land in their league. However, that could have been the case in 2011, during the lockout, when he turned down offers from the Cowboys and Seahawks. A decision that still gnaws at him daily today.

Undoubtedly unknown to the general public these days, the former quarterback of LeBron James can therefore consider himself as the man behind one of the greatest careers in the history of the NBA!

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