LeBron reacts to a viral tweet about him and Michael Jordan!

Expected firmly in Los Angeles after his big card on the floor of the Cavaliers, LeBron James finally withdrew for the meeting against the 76ers on Wednesday. However, he got noticed by responding to a tweet mixing Michael Jordan and the GOAT debate!

Given the situation of the Lakers, it was better for him to preserve himself for the match against the Pelicans, than to take part in the clash against Philadelphia. After blazing two days earlier on his former lands in Cleveland, LeBron James preferred to stay on the bench and in street clothes, this Wednesday. And while his teammates fought a great battle, he was visibly eagerly awaited… outside the Crypto.com Arena!

LeBron and Jordan on the verge of settling their accounts?!

A simple spectator of the 121-126 defeat of his family, LeBron undoubtedly left the room slightly disappointed. On the way back to his home, he could also have had a funny encounter. A few hundred meters from the angelino parquet floor was thus… Michael Jordan — or at least a pretty look-alike — who seemed ready to do battle with him!

MJ is out there waiting for LeBron to settle this GOAT debate once and for all…

Unfortunately for this His Airness clone, LBJ didn’t come his way for a 1-vs-1 that would undoubtedly have the crowds of Los Angeles unleashed. The leader of the Lakers has however taken note, and made an appointment with his fans for this long-awaited duel!

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!! We were both off tonight so we’ll have to organize that another time guys.

Bad luck, since LeBron and his partners will no longer cross paths with the Hornets this season, except perhaps in the Finals. The members of both camps therefore risk having to wait several more months to see this mano a mano become a reality!

The Michael Jordan lookalike picked the wrong night to show up at the Crypto.com Arena and challenge LeBron James to a duel. The King, for his part, has decided to enter the game, which already constitutes a victory in a way!

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