LeBron reacts immediately to James Harden’s injury

Already eliminated from the playoffs, LeBron James will closely follow the rest of the competition. Obviously in front of his screen for the meeting between the Bucks and the Nets, the Laker quickly lent his support to James Harden, released on injury.

Already eliminated from the playoffs, Lebron james is on vacation. A hectic summer awaits him, notably with the release of Space Jam 2. However, this Lakers fiasco during the postseason does not seem to have disgusted the King of the rest of the competition. Before being a player, he is above all a big basketball fan, and intends to follow the rest of the festivities with attention.

This Saturday night, like many people across the Atlantic, he was in front of his television to attend the duel between the Nets and the Bucks, on the side of the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, he quickly had to witness the injury of James Harden.

Even if Brooklyn won, this injury is certainly the information of this Game 1. Embarrassed by his thigh, the bearded man asked to join his locker room after just one minute. We are now waiting for news, but it does not really smell good for the rest of the competition, and LeBron was keen to drop a tweet about it.

The native of Akron knows the subject all too well, who was down against the Suns after his injury at the ankle. Same scenario for Anthony Davis, who had to deal with a knee injury, then a groin injury. Decidedly, these playoffs are therefore not spared at the moment.

For the Nets however, there is no question of following the same path as the Angelinos with AD. Harden will remain in the hospital wing until further notice, and until his injury is completely healed. It might take a little while.

LeBron James directly had a thought for James Harden, who will join the infirmary for an indefinite period. A blow for the Nets, but also and especially for the spectacle.

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