LeBron reacts cash to the benching of Russell Westbrook!

It was there big information from the last evening of preseason: Russell Westbrook has been benched by Darvin Ham. LeBron James was obviously asked about this big change in the starting 5 and he answered honestly. For him it was necessary to try.

Russell Westbrook still does not know what sauce he will be eaten this season with the Lakers… He trained with the holders during training camp, he started the first friendly matches in the 5, but faced with the poor results of his , he was the first fuse to blow. This Friday, he started the game against the Kings on the bench, before leaving on injury.

And if we trust the comments of his trainer Darvin Ham, this is also a situation that could persist over time, something he might find difficult to accept. He is one of the best players of all time, such a descent into hell must not be easy to manage, especially in his hometown. The rumors should quickly resume…

LeBron James wanted to test Westbrook off the bench!

After the heavy 47-point loss to Sacramento, LeBron James was obviously asked about his teammate’s new role and his future in the squad. The King acknowledged that it was an adjustment that had to be tried before the start of the season, and that this decision was not necessarily final. The captain must manage much more than his level this season…

I have no opinion on benching Russell. I think we have to do everything we can to be the best equipped and make everyone feel comfortable. It was something we had to try tonight, it’s clearly not carved in stone. But at the same time I come in every day with the intention of making my teammates better, and Russ will be an important part of the franchise.

LeBron James obviously cannot contradict Darvin Ham a few weeks after his arrival on the bench of the franchise, so he recognized that it made sense to try this new role of 6th man for Russell Westbrook. Nothing definitive but the Lakers must anyway find a way to recover after this questionable preseason. Difficult to know if psychological fatigue played a role, but the leader was let go by his body on a harmless action.

Russell Westbrook was a 6th man for the first time in his career, a situation which could, moreover, continue. LeBron James was not against this idea, but if the experience did not change anything in the end result. The Lakers’ problems run deeper than that.

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