LeBron pissed: “It still annoys me! »


Given the extent of his record, still likely to swell, LeBron James has little to regret about his career. However, he has just admitted to still having in the throat a snob that he suffered… almost 10 years ago!

His level has been such for a few weeks that some have come to wonder if this 19th campaign is not one of his best delivered in the NBA. LeBron James still impresses at 37, and still appears in the list of MVP candidates thanks to his consistency at the highest level. Nevertheless, it is difficult to qualify his season as the most admirable of his career.

Indeed, if he is a hit as rarely offensively (29.1 points on average), the King skimps somewhat on his efforts on the other side of the field. This is also reflected in the defensive performances of the Lakers, very disappointing compared to those of the last two seasons. Its slaughter in this sector has nothing to do with what it could have had ten years ago.

LeBron James reveals one of his old demons

Proof that he has slightly neglected the defensive aspect, LeBron has not appeared in any All-NBA Defensive Team since 2014. He was even very close to obtaining the Defender of the Year trophy the previous year, simply preceded by Marc Gasol in the ranking of votes. Already author of a small troll on this subject in the direction of the Spaniard, the Lakers leader again expressed his frustration on Instagram!

Not being voted DPOY that season still pisses me off 🤬🤬🤬

LBJ has reason to be annoyed, he who has never managed to grab this distinction. From now on, it will be very difficult for him to win it… unless he decides to focus on this exercise, as he knew how to do at the Heat!

9 years after his second place in the DPOY ranking, LeBron James is not losing his temper. No wonder, knowing that Marc Gasol had won the prize that year by appearing… in the All-NBA 2nd Defensive Team!


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