« LeBron must hurry to leave and go join Luka »

Not necessarily very happy with the turn of events in Los Angeles, a departure from LeBron James is not impossible. His family is happy, which complicates everything a bit, but at 38, the King does not have many years left to win a title. This is why an insider advises him… to join Luka Doncic in Dallas.

By the February trade deadline, many fans are still wondering if the Lakers will take action. Anthony Davis’ injury reshuffled the cards as executives decided to stall in the market, waiting to see how the roster fares. With his 47 points to celebrate his 38th birthdaywe can say that LeBron James sent a pretty clear message.

For the King, it is unthinkable not to organize a new exchange to improve the workforce. james deserves a shot at the title, especially as Davis’s return should do a lot of good in the City of Angels. However, and if the front office decides to do nothing, the native of Akron could be angry. From there to imagine a departure? Not impossible.

LeBron James ready to leave the Lakers?

Anything is possible next summer, when LeBron can ask to leave the Angelinos. It seems like a pretty unlikely scenario, but not totally outlandish either if Rob Pelinka refuses to help him win a title. For insider Colin Cowherd, the King had better get to Texas as soon as possible, to form a devastating duo alongside Luka Doncic

I think LeBron James is the perfect complement alongside Luka Doncic, who has a significant rate usage, worthy of James Harden. But he will start to fall in the playoffs, because Dallas has a one-man offense in the end. And it won’t work in the postseason. Luka is a player who needs the ball too much: he needs someone who can create for him.

A statement not so false as that about Dallas, to the point that Jason Kidd himself spoke about it. Doncic may chain performances to more than 50 points, such an attack will not work in the playoffs. The Mavs will have to find alternative solutions to shine without the Slovenian, and that’s where LeBron comes in according to Cowherd.

LeBron would be perfect in Dallas. But next year he’ll be a year older, and I doubt Dallas will give much back to the Lakers…

LeBron James and Luka Doncic? Two similar players, but not necessarily incompatible. Unfortunately, we doubt very much that this duo will see the light of day, with James who will not be able to leave before next year, at 39 years old. A sweet dream for supporters…

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