LeBron makes creepy comments about his health

As the Lakers begin a very complex period, with the obligation to win games, LeBron James announces it almost quietly: he is not 100%. However, the King is on a mission, which won’t stop fans from being worried after his words…

With a record of 26-31, the Lakers have no room for error in the coming weeks, if the franchise still dreams of reaching the playoffs. The Big 3 is no longer in the infirmary, which means that Frank Vogel’s men have no real excuses: they have to win, or disappointment will be immense in the City of Angels.

For now, it looks mostly like a casting error. It’s clear that signing Russell Westbrook last summer wasn’t the best possible move, and Rob Pelinka refused to fix that at the deadline: no move for the Purple and Gold, who hope to sign free agents in the coming days , like Goran Dragic.

LeBron James is not 100%, and worried!

Unfortunately, there are reasons for concern for fans, such as the health of LeBron James for example. In front of the media on Tuesday, the King released a terrible confession to journalists: he is not 100%. His knee hurts, a bit like his ankle last year. When you know the outcome, it’s not happy for the future.

It’s a bit like the ankle last year. When I had this, the only way to heal was to rest, but I don’t have that luxury of rest.

No, the Akron native doesn’t really have time to rest. The Lakers need him, especially given the current situation. Maybe the All-Star Break break will allow him to recover a little, but certainly not to heal completely: for that, it will be necessary to wait for the summer.

You should know that this injury dates back to October, more precisely against the Grizzlies:

Decreased, LeBron James feels that his knee continues to creak. Not a very good omen for the Lakers, who will have to rely on Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook to lighten the workload: the two men have been warned.

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