LeBron, Lillard …: the stars react to the NFL draft!

Within the great family that is American sport, it is not unusual for the NBA and NFL paths to intersect. The latter also organized on Thursday the first round of its annual draft, an event that many players followed closely.

It’s THE sporting event at the end of April in the United States: the NFL draft! An incalculable number of people were therefore present in front of their screens, not to mention several NBA players. Among them, we find among others Draymond green, big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The franchise distinguished itself by recovering a running back in the first round, in the person of Najee Harris. A choice which obviously gave wings to Dray:

Guys, my Steelers did a great draft pick! Congratulations to you Najee Harris! Our ground game is back in the game! The next Superbowl is ours!

Here is one who liked the strategy of his favorite team a lot. To the point of even talking about the title of champion? Case to be continued in any case. Unfortunately for other US football fans, the evening did not necessarily go as well as it did for Draymond. Like every year, there are disappointments. Ask Damian Lillard, a big Oakland fan he hails from, who wasn’t thrilled with the Raiders pick:

What’s your take on the Raiders’ decision to take Alex Leatherwood?

Lillard :  » I do not have any. No comments… « 

It’s hard not to read a huge disappointment on the part of the leader of the Blazers, who expected much more from this first round. However, not all have experienced the same disillusionment. Some like CJ McCollum, Lillard’s teammate, or even Lebron james himself had a great time in front of the selections, simply taking the opportunity to have a good time. They also had enough to crack the gut on several sequences, evidence below:

When they say to you « Don’t forget me once you get to the top of Olympus … » 🤣🤣🤣🤣

For his part, to warm up a bit, LeBron brought out a hilarious video from the 2020 draft:

Must relax Hawk !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Between joy, disappointment and moments of perplexity, basketball players finally behaved like real fans in front of the NFL draft. While waiting for that of the NBA franchises on July 29th.

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