LeBron James will begin a 20th NBA season in “perfect health”

The Lakers have been saying it for several weeks. LeBron James says it again today. The key to their success will be the fact to be available. It is the most important. You can’t control some injuries obviously, but that’s my state of mind. As the leader of the team – one of the leaders of the team – availability is the most important thing in this league. You must be available and on the ground. »

The “King” knows what he is talking about. Since his arrival in Los Angeles, he no longer manages to complete a full season: 55, 67, 45 and finally 56 matches played last year. His numerous absences explain for many, but not only, the difficulties of Californians in recent years.

The record in 50 games?

Only as he enters his 20th season in the league, LeBron James already feels «  in perfect health. I changed a lot of things in my diet this summer to be better physically. I keep thinking about this marathon. Today is the first day of the marathon. »

Yet another NBA title race that will have a special flavor for him this year. He is indeed likely to break the famous career points record set by a former Lakers legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It lacks 1,325 points to reach it. By keeping his career average of 27 points per game, LeBron James could pass the pivot around the 50th game of the season.

 » The only time I think about it is when someone posts something on my social media. And every time, I’m pretty impressed, like ‘Wow’. I’ve never played my career thinking about records, just making sure I’m in the best shape possible. But being here, knowing that I’m on the verge of breaking the most coveted NBA record, it’s humbling and it’s super cool “, qualifies the 37-year-old player, who does not intend to put himself” too much pressure with this record.

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