LeBron James wants to play in the NBA with his son, and that raises many questions

He’s been repeating it over and over for months, even years. LeBron James has made up his mind not to stop his career until his son is in the NBA. But last weekend at the All-Star Game, « The Chosen One » went even further. « My last year, I’ll play it with my son« , James said in an interview with The Athletic. « Wherever Bronny is, that’s where I’ll be. I will do whatever it takes to play with my son for a year. And at this point it’s not about the money“, completed the star of the Lakers, who would then compose an unprecedented father-son duo. A desire for a father who understands himself. And can greet each other. But who also asks some questions about what this can lead to.

What is the level of Bronny James?


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For years and like other children of NBA stars who have chosen to try the orange ball, Bronny James has been used to the lights of the spotlight. At each of his matches, there are people ready to film the least of his actions. And for the moment, he assumes. Aged 17, he evolves within the renowned high school of Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles. Since his arrival in 2019, Bronny has taken a little time to show himself in his best light but has seen his rating go up this season, from the height of his 1m91.

After being « just » a teammate to some older players for a long time and suffering a knee injury in 2021, Bronny James, who shot 4.1 points in 15 minutes per game in his freshman year in high school according to ESPN, shines this season. And even if the number 1 option of the team is called Amari Bailey who is one of the most awaited prospects in the United States, the son of LeBron, who evolves back or leader, does not go unnoticed. ESPN, which gives him four stars out of five possible, ranks him 43rd in his ranking for this age category. And it would be on the shelves of several famous universities, such as Kentucky, Duke, UCLA or even North Carolina. But he still has time before really projecting himself on the NBA.

What draft are we talking about and where will LeBron James be?

Unless the rules change until then, Bronny James may be eligible for the draft… 2024. LeBron James, who celebrated his 37th birthday last December, will then be approaching 40 years old. And he will be free to go where he wants, except surprise. His contract with the Lakers runs until the 2022-2023 season, a year where he will receive more than 44 million dollars. Then, he can logically sign for a season, before waiting to find out if his son arrives in the big league to see his last dream on slats come true.

Bronny James, 2022

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Why doesn’t he necessarily give his son a gift?

« Sons of » who are announced in the NBA, there are many. And some have succeeded, like the Curry brothers or Klay Thompson. But sons of a star like LeBron James, it’s rarer. So, can Bronny James achieve this? It is not yet certain, even if many observers believe that he may have the level to evolve there. Some analysts thus place it at the end of the first round for the 2024 vintage. But until then, many things can change. And Bronny James, who is not a phenomenon like his father was at his age, will have to continue his progress. While managing the pressure. The pressure of being the son of LeBron James, which he manages to do relatively well in recent years. But he will also have to deal with the pressure that the Lakers star has just added to his shoulders by clearly announcing his desire to play with him. And it should not be obvious every day to understand.

Does this risk « distorting » the 2024 draft?

To really answer this question, it would be necessary to be able to offer a small voyage in the future. Just to know the level that LeBron James will have in a little over two years. And the status of his son Bronny. But it can change a few positions in the 2024 draft. While LeBron James does not show significant signs of decline and is still averaging 29.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.5 assists this season, the power option attracting « King James » by selecting his son could tempt more than one franchise.

Especially if it comes at the end of the first round or the second for example… The possibility of being able to count on LeBron’s experience if he is still in good shape and recovering his economic impact is likely to make more than one salivate. . In 2018, an analysis had indeed shown that signing the four-time MVP and four-time NBA champion could generate $ 65 million in revenue for his franchise in one year. What make you want to afford the father-son duo who will be one of the attractions of the NBA season if that happens.


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