LeBron James unknowingly being used badly by Ohio State?!

LeBron James was in Ohio this Saturday to watch the start of the college football season. But when he wanted to spend a privileged moment with his eldest Bronny, he was attacked by a dozen high school students… And if he had been used without his knowledge by the university?

While the European public has their eyes glued to the EuroBasket, where some of the greatest players on the planet meet like Giannis AntetokounmpoNikola Jokic, Luka Doncic or Rudy Gobert, the Americans had other plans for the weekend. Indeed, this Saturday marked the start of the American football season in the NCAA, the most watched league in all of the United States.

It is difficult to realize the phenomenon that this university sport represents, but to contextualize this recovery, one figure should suffice: 109,575 spectators were present in the stands of Ann Arbor to witness the first victory of the University of Michigan. And this is not a rare or exceptional phenomenon, since this meeting was the 301st consecutive sold-out event…

LeBron unofficial scout from Ohio State?

And the historic rival that is Ohio State was not left out, since if the spectators were fewer in the stands, they were also much more prestigious. LeBron James was there to support his home state team, and he saw Bronny being openly recruited by a cheering crowd… But that’s not all, since it was also used by the university, without necessarily having given its consent.

Brian Hartline brought many potential recruits who were visiting the Ohio State campus to LeBron James to meet him.

While there to support his team with his son, LeBron James found himself assailed by a crowd of high school students who were visiting the campus… The university is obviously looking to recruit them for their football or basketball team. , and the presence of the King was obviously an argument put forward to convince them. Impossible to know if he has given his consent, he who has no ties with the university, since he is not directly in the NBA. By the way, speaking of the NBA, another superstar was present:

LeBron James wanted to spend some family time with his eldest, he found himself playing recruiters for a decadee teenagers who see him as a demi-god. Impossible to know if he agreed to this great seduction operation…

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