LeBron James tops All Star Game voting

The four-time LA Lakers champion now leads the votes, two days before their closing, ahead of Stephen Curry.

There is no point in running… Leading the votes in the first two scores, Stephen Curry is doubled by LeBron James in the third. The Lakers « King » collected 6,827,449 votes, compared to 6,019,418 for the Golden State playmaker, recent record holder for the number of three-point shots in the regular season. Remember that the two players have the common point of being born in Akron. They will be at home on the occasion of the all-star game, which will take place on February 20 in Cleveland. No notable change for the rest, with always Kevin Durant (Brooklyn, 5,496,513 votes) – touched in the knee and out for long weeks – and DeMar DeRozan (Chicago, 4,121,034) in the lead in the East, respectively in the « frontcourt » and « backs » category. The Frenchman Rudy Gobert (Utah) is still ninth among the « frontcourt » in the West.

This was the last score on the votes, which remain open until next Saturday. The identity of the holders will be revealed next Thursday, on the antenna of DTT. The votes of the public will count for 50% in the final designation of the holders for the all-star game, against 25% for the players and as much for the journalists. The coaches will have the task of appointing the substitutes.

The third tally for the votes in view of the Cleveland ASG NBA

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