LeBron James targeted by a complaint to 10 million dollars!

When LeBron James signed up with the Lakers, it was quite obvious that he would try to take the world of the 7th art by storm with his company “SpringHill Company”. And if he weighs more and more in Hollywood, the King has just received very bad news. He was the subject of a 10 million complaint for his last documentary…

Whether LeBron James decided to join the Lakers in 2018, it was also to take advantage of all the business opportunities of the City of Angels, and in particular in the world of the 7th art. His company « SpringHill Company » is more and more influential in Hollywood, he associates with many big names, like Drake, proof that his decision was the right one.

We are so happy to have members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance participating in the Black Ice documentary with LeBron James and Drake. Preview September 10.

Did LeBron James steal a movie starring Drake?

Unfortunately for the King and his Canadian sidekick, the release of this documentary event should be accompanied by a big legal controversy. Indeed, a complaint was filed against them in New York for a sum of 10 million dollars, since they would have literally stolen the production rights from a certain Billy Hunter. the New York Post recounts this scandal:

Billy Hunter, former president of the players’ union and former federal prosecutor, is asking to recover part of the profits generated by the documentary « Black Ice », as well as 10 million in compensation, in a complaint filed with the Manhattan prosecutor’s office. He claims to have exclusive rights to produce a documentary on the Colored Hockey League.

Black Ice is the story of the Colored Hockey League, this sports organization that allowed people of color to put on skates professionally between 1895 and 1930… The problem is that Hunter would have given $ 265,000 to the authors of the book of the same title to adapt the story for the big screen. Reassembled after this « theft » of LeBron and Drake, the former prosecutor spoke to the Post :

I think they thought the rights would fall into the public domain, they thought I wouldn’t care about that. They wanted to bet on it.

Because the project took a long time to take shape, the King and his sidekick probably thought they could get into production, but Billy Hunter was just waiting for that. He claims 10 million and part of the profits, enough to reimburse the amount spent for the rights.

LeBron James and Drake are going to have to make a strong decision with their legal teams. Will they cave under the pressure and put $10 million on the table to satisfy Billy Hunter, or will they get into a big legal war with a former prosecutor?

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