LeBron James still humiliated by ESPN poll!


On the eve of his 19th season, LeBron intends to continue to perform at his peak. Nevertheless, many are those who doubt it … A recent poll byESPN should not at all be to the liking of the winger, who finds himself in a very bad position!

If his stats from last year were impressive (25 points, 8 rebounds and 8 average assists), Lebron james getting closer and closer to retirement. At 37, he’s only got a few more seasons ahead of him, and his body has let him know with his shortest career season (27 games missed). The results of the Lakers were also not at the rendezvous …

All this makes many observers doubt him, and especially his ability to really dominate in 2021-22. This is particularly the case with ESPN, who recently released a poll regarding the upcoming MVP. The classification thus sees the quadruple champion very low, in seventh place only!

It’s a huge tumble for the Chosen One, and proof that not many people believe that they can get this huge accolade again. That being said, the fact that he’s the Big Three again certainly played a part too, since it means he won’t necessarily have the ball in his hands as much anymore. A change that he himself demanded.

Anyway, he will have competition this year, especially with a KD on a mission to go for a title with Brooklyn. Antetokounmpo meanwhile has the possibility of obtaining a third career statuette, which many believe since his MVP of the Finals. The battle will therefore rage at the top of the food chain!

If we are sure that LeBron will not appreciate this signed disenchantment ESPN, we imagine that he has something else in mind. A fifth MVP or a fifth ring of champion, the choice must be quickly made for the King!


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