LeBron James slams another 50 pts, what a monster!

The results of the night in the NBA

Wolves @ Magic : 110-118
Clippers @ Hawks : 106-112
pistons @ Celtics : 103-114
Cavs @ Heat : 105-117
mavs @ Rockets: 113-100
Knicks@ Grizzlies : 114-118
Hornets @Pelicans: 142-120
Jazz @ Spurs : 102-104
Raptors @Suns: 117-112
Wizards @ Lakers : 109-122

– 37 years old and all her hair all his teeth! LeBron James took matters into his own hands to save the Lakers another disappointment last night when they received the Wizards. For the 15th time in his NBA career, the King has reached 50 points in a game, less than a week after his 56 points against the Warriors.

This tour de force was necessary, since Los Angeles again found itself in difficulty against Washington and only reversed the situation thanks to a run (22-8) precisely orchestrated by LeBron (12 pts in a row) in the 3rd quarter. Where the performance is crazy is that he shot at 18/25 with 6 3-point baskets. A masterclass of efficiency, embellished with a few actions far too spectacular for a guy with so many kilometers on the clock.

– The Spurs offered a small comeback to Gregg Popovich to celebrate the 1,336th victory of his NBA career, an all-time record. Pop is ahead of his former head coach at Golden State Don Nelson, thanks to a success acquired in pain but which allows San Antonio to keep hope for the play-in.

While the Jazz seemed in control with a 10-point lead at the start of the 4th quarter, Dejounte Murray (27 pts) and his people got angry. The three shots made in the last five seconds by the All-Star point guard sat the Texas victory and the Spurs are only one victory away from the Pelicans, 10th.

Pop had no choice but to let his players celebrate him.

– NOLA, precisely, took the broth at home against Charlotte. The Hornets, not in Olympic form lately, took their frustration out on the Pels. The fireworks display (22 three-pointers) was lit by terry rozier and Miles Bridges (27 pts both).

The rest of the matches in a few moments…

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