LeBron James shatters huge all-time record on MVP


Despite an individual season that will not be the most significant of his career, LeBron James has long remained in the race for the MVP. This allowed him to inscribe his name in the history books in a way that could not be more heroic.

Barely eliminated from the playoffs and sent on vacation, his mind has already been projected on the next exercise. Eliminated for the first time in his career in the first round of the finals, Lebron james will probably not keep this 2020-21 season in his heart and his memory for long. Just like his Lakers teammates.

But before threaten the competition by announcing a merciless return to the courts, the King could already be satisfied with his level for his 18th season in the league. This indeed allowed him to position himself as a serious candidate for the MVP until his big injury. He did indeed collect a vote, continuing his incredible series.

LeBron James has garnered at least one MVP vote in the past 18 years, reports ESPN’s Tim Reynolds.

Despite his long unavailability, LBJ did manage to grab 5th place in a journalist’s newsletter, and thus made history. Honored by at least one voter since his rookie season, the Akron native even signed a performance synonymous with an all-time record in NBA history, as explained. Hoopshype.

By receiving a single vote for the MVP for the 2020-21 season, James became the first player in NBA history to do so in 18 different seasons, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who inherited the honor on 17 consecutive seasons between 1969-70 and 1985-86.

A new historic brand to add to the bag of the leader of the Lakers.

The latter will obviously aim to further improve this total next year, if that can allow his franchise to regain the top of the league. For comparison, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared in the voting leaderboard for the MVP until he was 38. It remains to be seen whether LeBron will demonstrate similar or even greater longevity.

Installed among the best players in the league since his first season with the pros, LeBron James continues his magnificent streak despite age and injuries. Nothing says it will stop next year.


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