LeBron James ready to take up another sport, his viral tweet!

LeBron James has known absolutely everything in the world of basketball, both in the NBA and with his national team. He could retire tomorrow that he would still be considered one of the top two players of all time. And because he has alreadyat all accomplished in this field, he would obviously think of changing sport. This is what he made clear in a viral tweet.

See you soon 38 years old, LeBron James pretty much “finished the game” in the world of basketball, winning all the most important titles, individually and collectively, with a few exceptions. If he continues his career it is above all for fun, but also to realize his biggest dream, the craziest perhaps: to play at least one season with his two sons, Bronny and Bryce. A change of rules will also help him in this context !

But the King is also an entrepreneur, who always has crazy ideas to reinvent himself, both on and off the pitch. And this Saturday, while watching Ohio State’s demonstration against Wisconsin in the American football college championship, the Lakers’ No. 6 had a vision. As his Buckeyes were plagued with multiple injuries, LeBron wondered if he could help.

LeBron ready to get into US football?!

Would I still be eligible to play in the NCAA if I took up a sport other than basketball? How does the rule work?

Given the context and his other messages in the evening, it is not difficult to understand that LeBron James was talking about a new career in US soccer, one of the most physically demanding sports. It’s hard to know if his body would withstand the shock, but the King’s question is no less interesting: could he play if he wanted to? If we are to believe the case law of JR Smith, today a golf player at North Carolina A&T, the answer is yes!

Indeed, he never went through the NCAA box since drafted out of high school, and with the new rules that allow college players to sell their image, LeBron could not be sanctioned for his many partnerships. The only downside is that he has an agent, the most powerful in the world, which is prohibited… The NFL in any case jumped at the chance to flirt with the King, and with this number of likes , fans seem totally excited to see him land in the league!

With his exceptional physique, LeBron James could surely dominate on an American football field, even at 37 years old. He’s way more powerful than 21-year-olds, so he might even make it to the NFL Draft!

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