LeBron James ready to take on a new sport!

Rare are the postseasons which promise to be so long in the career of LeBron James. The King therefore intends to take advantage of this novelty for him, by testing his skills in a new discipline!

A regular at the NBA Finals with 10 participations in 18 seasons in the league, Lebron james regularly sees its summer begin around mid-June. However, this year, it was at the beginning of the month that he disappeared from the courts, this time having played … only a first round of the playoffs. What to change, after a long offseason of 71 days a year ago.

Despite this long interlude until the launch of its 19th campaign, the King should not run out of occupations. Promotion Space Jam: A New Legacy alone should take up a lot of his time. But according to a recent chat online with his friend and ex-high school teammate, Romeo Travis, another activity could fill his schedule.

Romeo Travis: I need a golf trainer in Akron.

LeBron James: Let’s go together when I get home. I want to learn too. 🤷🏾‍♂️

You’re not dreaming, it’s fine with a club in hand that LBJ could be spotted in suburban Cleveland over the coming weeks.

With such a program, it would not be surprising to see him cross on the greens Stephen curry, big fan of the small white ball and regular practitioner. Given his competitive spirit, LeBron should quickly seek to bridge his level gap vis-à-vis the Chef. Fortunately, he can obviously count on the help of Travis.

I’ll find a coach for both of us then!

Like the interior of CSP Limoges, LeBron James hopes to improve in golf during the offseason. His ankle will apparently have to heal on the fairways.

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