LeBron James massacred by a legendary teammate!

Absolute reference for many players in the NBA, LeBron James is considered by a significant part of his peers as the best player to ever set foot on the floor. However, the King did not convince everyone… and certainly not one of his legendary teammates, who massacred him in a conversation with fans! Strange, and explosive.

LeBron James may have seen his record wither with his last two complicated seasons, the King has done more than enough to be considered almost unanimously in the top 3 of the famous GOAT debate. Each year, more and more young rookies who have grown up with his exploits profess their admiration for the Chosen One, which manages admirably well this status of unofficial « boss » of the league.

Despite everything, the detractors are still and always legion for the native of Akron. When criticism comes from journalists like Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith, the quadruple NBA champion quickly brushes aside the controversy and has a good laugh. But when the criticism comes from peers, and not least, it’s different…

Ray Allen massacres LeBron James for no reason

Recently, it was Ray Allen, King’s teammate in Miami and author of the famous shot that saved the 2013 Finals, who made his mark on the matter. During a discussion with young people, the ex-Celtics sniper had little taste for the theory put forward by a fan that LeBron James would be the GOAT. His answer is cash, almost violent:

Is he a great free throw shooter? Is he a great passer? A great dribbler? No. So you tell me LeBron James is the GOAT, but he’s not even the greatest in those categories. Do you know who the GOAT is? MJ.

On the one hand, Ray Allen’s approach is factual, is it true that LeBron James has several flaws in his game. Free throws are one of them, dribbling maybe too, but certainly not the passing game. Moreover, it is generally not considered that you have to be the best in all possible categories to be eligible for GOAT status, otherwise no one on earth could claim it… not even Michael Jordan.

The exit of Ray Allen, who held this conversation in the first degree, face closed, is therefore more akin to gratuitous criticism and behavior of hasten than the nuanced and informed opinion of a former great NBA player. Something to surprise fans, and wonder about the reasons that led Allen to be so virulent towards his former teammate.

Second snub among former Heat for LeBron James, since Dwyane Wade has also repeatedly said that Michael Jordan was the undisputed GOAT. The King is not necessarily master in his Florida kingdom, far from it…

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