LeBron James is dropping his favorite current player in the league!

LeBron James and the Lakers did not qualify for the playoffs, but the King keeps a very attentive eye on the big performances of these last days. Moreover, at the dawn of the conference finals, he revealed the name of his favorite player, and he is still in the race for the title.

If everything had gone as planned for the Lakers this season, LeBron James should have been preparing yet another conference final, with the desire to get a new ring to get a little closer to Michael Jordan in the all-time hierarchy. Unfortunately for them, the King and his teammates have to content themselves with watching the playoffs from the comfort of their living rooms.

Undoubtedly very frustrated by the situation, the n°6 of the Purple and Gold has moreover found his way back to the training room these last few days, in the middle of the night, to already prepare for the next exercise. He intends to rectify the situation, and this requires substantial efforts, even if the gray areas are still numerous in California, and in particular at the level of the future coach of the franchise.

Luka Doncic, LeBron’s favorite player!

While waiting for things to settle down, and no doubt between two training sessions, LeBron engaged in an exercise that fans love on social networks: a question and answer session. If he obviously had to talk about his end of career, and in particular his projects with Bronny, he also spoke about the current league. The King has just openly dubbed a young star.

Internet user: Favorite player under 25?

LeBron James: LUKA. He’s my favorite player!!

Given the tone of his response, LeBron James can’t stand it Luka Doncic that among players under 25, he prefers him to all the others, including his friends like Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving! It must be said that he undoubtedly recognizes himself in the Slovenian prodigy, since they share similar traits. If the leader of the Mavericks does not have exceptional physical qualities, he can also score easily, take rebounds and make passes, like the King. And then he has an arrogant confidence that LeBron didn’t have in his youth.

LeBron James must follow with attention particular the course of Luka Doncic on his playoffs, since the young Slovenian has the chance to achieve something immense. If he passes the Warriors obstacle, he will already write a beautiful page in his legend.

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