LeBron James furious in front of a Jazz rookie!


After a failed season, the Jazz suffered a lot of losses on the bench, with the departure of Quin Snyder in particular. There was a place to take as a coach, but not only. The last move of the franchise also seems to particularly enchant LeBron James, delighted for an old acquaintance.

We expected a little movement at the Jazz this summer, following a new disappointment in the season. The franchise had to find a new coach, but we could also see action within the front office. This is what just happened on Tuesday according to Adrian Wojnarowski, since David Fizdale has just joined the franchise as a GM partner. He will therefore help to refine this roster, which will need it before the start of the new season.

The Jazz is hiring at the front office: David Fizdale has agreed to become a GM partner. After 18 seasons as a coach, Fizdale is on the management side.

LeBron delights for the Jazz with their latest arrival

An interesting move for Fizdale, who has not left only good memories as a coach in the past. Knicks fans can confirm it, but not only. In the meantime, he can count on the support of LeBron James in person, who was quick to react on his Twitter account, just like Dwyane Wade. Both have no doubts that the ex-manager will be a great addition.

so much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!! Yes Mr Fizz

Another great basketball spirit!

Note also that Will Hardy, assistant coach of the Celtics, has decided to accept the proposal from the front office to become the new coach: one less worry for Utah this summer.

The Jazz has continued to be active for a few days, even if fans and players are mainly waiting to know more about the roster. Major cleaning in sight, or simple contributions of veterans this summer? We will know a little more this Thursday evening, for the opening of the market.


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