LeBron James’ first declared cash just after elimination


Under pressure before Game 6, the Lakers ultimately couldn’t stand it, being officially knocked out of the title race. The opportunity for Californians to give a hot opinion directly after the defeat. LeBron James notably delivered his at a press conference.

It is an unprecedented event for Lebron james, and we are sure he would have gone very well … For the first time in his career, the quadruple NBA champion was eliminated with his team in the first round of the playoffs. Authors of a sorry first half, the Angelinos bowed heavily in Game 6, allowing the Suns to win the series.

The consternation and the annoyance were therefore logically at the rendezvous after the meeting. However, the No. 23 already seems to have next season in mind. During a postgame press conference, LBJ reiterated its confidence in the front office, and explained what are the priorities of the franchise this summer:

LeBron James said Lakers front office decision makers – Rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambis – put the Lakers in good hands when it comes to making offseason decisions to get them back into the championship race. Further, he stated that he and Anthony davis need to get healthy, and that’s the key.

LeBron says his ankle « never came back » to what it was before the injury.

Physical recovery, this is the mantra to follow for the two Californian superstars. No wonder: the King missed a third of the season (27 missed games), while the interior only played half (36 of 72). The physical glitches of the two men have also played a huge role in the dynamics of the Purple and Gold, which have never been the same after their respective absences.

As for the moves planned for the upcoming offseason, there will indeed be work for the leaders of LA. Eleven players are at the end of their contract, and it will therefore be necessary to play it thin to keep some precious elements, while keeping the margin in order to bring an additional star to Staples Center. All with an obvious goal, to regain their crown from the 2021-22 campaign.

Goodbye the playoffs, hello the Lakers offseason. The King has announced it himself, there should be a lot of things happening on the Los Angeles side this summer. We can’t wait to witness it all!


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