LeBron James displayed by a brute of 115 kilos!

LeBron James was badly trolled by NFL Cowboys player DeMarcus Lawrence

Dallas Cowboys (DR) / NBA (DR)

After a very busy day with the Lakers’ media day, LeBron James spent his evening watching the NFL game of the week. He obviously commented on the clash between the Giants and the Cowboys, but one of his messages earned him a big tackle from a superstar who was on the field!

LeBron James was making his comeback this Monday with the Lakers media day, and as always, he was the attraction of the day. At the dawn of the new season, the King had to be reassuring about his state of form, but also about the potential of his team, which will have to show real progress following the non-qualification for the last playoffs.

He can count on the return to form of Anthony Davis, on a Russell Westbrook piqued in his pride and determined on the idea of ​​proving all his detractors wrong, but also on an unleashed Patrick Beverley. Moreover, during this always so special event, the new leader Purple and Gold illustrated himself with a masterful troll on his captain.

LeBron James humiliated for his hypocrisy in the NFL!

Following this always very exciting day for the players, the King was able to enjoy his favorite pastime: the NFL. After having teased a new career in American football this weekend, the number 6 of the Lakers sat in front of his TV for the match between the Giants of his friend Saquon Barkley and the Cowboys, his favorite team. Unfortunately, his ambivalence was denounced by a league superstar in a viral tweet!

LeBron James: Saquon Barkley is back!!!!

From Marcus Lawrence: L

LeBron James may be a huge Cowboys fan, but he wanted to share his excitement following the touchdown of his friend Saquon Barkley, much criticized in recent years for his inconstancy and his injuries. A benevolent friendly support that did not please DeMarcus Lawrence, Dallas superstar, and one of the best defensemen in the league. In a single letter, he savagely displayed the King…

But his analysis of the situation, although funny and piquant, is not necessarily correct. This Monday, LeBron didn’t record a terrible defeat with his tweet, but rather a total victory. Indeed, he saw his Cowboys win at the end of the suspense and chain a second success, and he also saw his friend shine and find sensations. Everything is good for the King!

Going forward, LeBron James is going to have to choose between his team and his friends, he may not support both sides in such a historic rivalry. There remains a duel between the Giants and the Cowboys this season, DeMarcus Lawrence will quickly be able to see if his pressure stroke was effective.

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