LeBron James calls for help in Los Angeles

LeBron James has, in theory, enough money to pay for just about any service whoHe wants… But despite his great fortune and his extensive network around the world, he sometimes has a hard time with quite special and unusual requests. The proof, he appealed for help to all his followers on Twitter.

The Lakers have had a major concern since the arrival of Lebron james in 2018: the health of the stars… The King was indeed severely injured during his first season in the City of Angels, he had also missed the playoffs, before having to manage a painful ankle injury a few years ago. month. In fact, he has only been in form for one full season, the title season in 2020.

And his sidekick Anthony davis is also known for his many visits to the infirmary. Last year, he struggled with a multitude of muscle aches, and his small form during the Suns series precipitated the elimination of the Purple and Gold. For the moment all is well for him, he finds sensations and a suitable level, the fans just have to pray for it to last.

LeBron James looking for a special repairman

Especially since the King is absent for an indefinite period, and the results of the 2020 champions are starting to be worrying. Frank Vogel’s men suffered further humiliation on Monday against the Bulls, and LeBron, present at Staples Center, decided to leave the room even before the end of the game ! He obviously had other things in mind. He made a pretty far-fetched request to his followers on Twitter.

I bought this old record player for the house. I really like it but it needs to be restored! Can someone in Los Angeles help me? It’s a Clairtone G2

LeBron James calls on his many fans to help him use this vintage record player to the best of his ability. The Lakers are at the start of the crisis, his absence weighs heavily on the results of his team, but the King is already thinking about his beautiful winter evenings spent with a good glass of wine and a vinyl in the background … He will in any case have to find the right person to solve his problem, as some fans obviously intend to respond for the sole purpose of meeting him.

Me in LeBron’s house trying to fix this thing 🤣🤣

LeBron James the music lover has struck again. He’s looking for a special repairman for his new machine, and he shouldn’t have a hard time finding it with such a large number of subscribers. Hopefully he will put the price for this rather surprising service.

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