LeBron James badly burned for his position on China!

LeBron James is a committed sportsman, he is proud of it, it has even become his slogan. But his detractors do not support his supposed hypocrisy, since he does not condemn all the injustices of the planet. It has just been destroyed by a former NBA player.

For several years now, LeBron Jamess is proud to represent athletes who refuse to « shut up and dribble », as the journalist from FoxNews Laura Ingraham… When the King has something to say on a social subject, he says it, when he feels the need to get involved for his community, he does it, and today he is a true leader, a model among African Americans.

But this commitment does not please everyone since it is considered selective. Indeed, LeBron is involved in areas that affect him directly, even if it means neglecting some major injustices elsewhere in the world. The favorite example of his detractors remains his silence on the opposition between China and Hong Kong, which almost caused a diplomatic incident following comments by Daryl Morey, leader of the Sixers.

The silence of LeBron James bought by Nike?

Moreover, in a recent interview, former NBA player Royce White totally let loose against the King, explaining that he was corrupted by a huge liberal and Marxist system. According to him, if LeBron does not speak of the controversies and crises that are taking place tens of thousands of kilometers from his home, it is because he would have been seriously bribed by Nike.

LeBron James received a billion dollars from Nike, from the system, I would even say from the neo-liberal Marxist globalist and anti-human system, from the LGBTQ church, to shut up about the biggest humanitarian crisis in our generation. I am talking about the two million people who are locked up in concentration camps in China, for the sole reason that they are Muslims.

He will never talk about that, why? Already it is an economic injustice that he accepts this money to keep quiet, he should have asked for much more. Nike receives 40 billion per year and represents at least 40% of the brand’s media impact. He settled for that because he’s from Akron and he only measures his worth by what other black people have. Because the others don’t have as much money, he looks down on everyone and puts himself forward.

According to Royce White, a player forced to leave the NBA because he was too afraid to fly for trips outside, LeBron James would be paid by Nike to be silent on certain subjects including China. The King is also accused of being too pretentious with the African-American community, since he would place himself above everyone with his billion dollars… A very severe judgment.

LeBron James will never be unanimous, he probably knows it perfectly, which is why he will not bother to answer. The King is only a man, he does not necessarily have the time, the knowledge and the energy to solve all the world crises, however serious they may be.

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