« LeBron is struggling this season »

LeBron James was probably expecting something different for his 20th season in the league. His Lakers are not at the level of the best teams in the Western Conference, Russell Westbrook is at the heart of the storm, and he must look good. A former teammate feels sorry for the King.

Could the Lakers have dreamed of a worse start to the season? Probably not. Not only do they not win, even though they sometimes show good things, especially against the Clippers and Blazers, but all the trouble fans expect happens. Already there is a big problem of address, which is handicapping in the NBA of 2022, and Russell Westbrook is still disappointing.

After a complicated first year in his hometown, no one knew if the leader would still be present for this comeback, but seeing him in Darvin Ham’s starting 5 from training camp, the fans were entitled to expect progress on his part. They quickly had to face the facts, Russ will never be able to shine in a system behind two superstars.

Carlos Arroyo sad for LeBron James

For its 20th season, LeBron James probably hoped for better than this unbalanced workforce and almost zero chances of winning a new title. He is finding it increasingly difficult to hide his frustration on the pitch, which is obvious to many observers. Carlos Arroyo, the King’s former teammate in Miami, gave a cash opinion during his appearance on the Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye podcast.

LeBron is struggling this season. I played with him, you played with him, you know how serious he is in his love of basketball. You know how much he values ​​victory and success. He really gets involved. I know he’s in trouble right now. It can’t be easy for him in the Lakers locker room.

He always tries to look good and stay professional, but I don’t think he deserves what he has to go through at this point in his career. I still have to say that he is an excellent leader, a good captain, and I hope he will manage to turn things around by the end of the season.

For Carlos Arroyo, LeBron James behaves like a great professional in front of the media and on the ground, but he would not be really satisfied with his situation. It must be said that in his career, rarely has a franchise tried so little to put him in good conditions to succeed. He is still evolving without a trigger by his side, a profile he has always needed to win a title.

LeBron James probably dreamed of playing for the title for this 20th season, with a workforce builtt tailor-made to highlight its qualities. It will probably not be the case, and his former teammates do not find it fair for him.

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