« LeBron is not Jordan, he traps himself and will disappoint »

Eliminated from the playoffs with his Lakers, LeBron James lives a rather complicated pre-season, between disappointment and criticism against him. The latest comes from an NBA analyst, who devalued him vis-à-vis Michael Jordan. The domain used is however quite original.

Now that he’s on vacation, LeBron James will have plenty of time to devote to his extra-sporting activities. This is all the more the case that he’ll snub the Olympics this summer ! It must be said that with the release scheduled for July of his film Space Jam: A New Legacy (or Space Jam 2), the Lakers winger has a lot to do.

Obviously, the announcement of the film delighted the most nostalgic of NBA fans, some of whom discovered the first part when they were young. However, others remain very cautious. This is particularly the case of Bomani Jones, sports analyst for ESPN. During the show The Right Time, the latter indeed lambasted the production of the King:

Do you have anything to do with this film? I never felt that Space Jam was sort of a classic to begin with. I didn’t remember people having this love and affection for Space Jam that seems to come through in all of it. And LeBron James is not Michael Jordan… Let him prepare for the disappointment.

While fans of the first film are sure to scream at this statement, Jones brings up another fairly important point during the interview, which is the likely failure in theaters. Indeed, with the Covid-19 pandemic still present, it is very likely that few people will go to see it in the cinema. All the more so if the feature film is released on streaming platforms such as HBO Max or Netflix.

Furthermore, Space Jam 2 is bound to be judged against its predecessor. It’s not unlikely that it will be severely criticized for the simple reason that this is a sequel, and these are often viewed by public opinion as inferior to the original material. A factor not to be overlooked in the final evaluation of the film, even if it may seem unfair.

For Bomani Jones, Space Jam: A New Legacy starts out as a loser from the start, and should be a flop down the line. As for us, we will wait for the release of the film to form a true opinion.

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