LeBron involved in a racist scandal?! Internet users react!

LeBron James knows it, this season will be crucial for him and the Lakers, because after not qualifying for the playoffs last spring, he will have to do better to save his legend. But in the meantime, he will have to get rid of this big controversy racist born online.

The Lakers season is about to resume, and LeBron James will no doubt be keen to do better than last year, with this non-participation in the playoffs… He is already fully trained, since he is back in training, where he has decided to take a young recruit under his wing. But at the same time, he is also involved in a racist controversy related to the digital world.

In the game Multiversus, which took the gaming scene by storm in early summer, Velma has the special skill of being able to call the police to eject, and therefore kill, her opponents. An attack that takes on a social and political dimension quite different from LeBron being the victim. Moreover, many players laughed and shared these sequences on social networks.

Multiversus at the heart of a big controversy!

In a country so often affected by police violence and the murders of “minorities” during normally innocuous checks, the reactions have been strong. And faced with the outcry created by these images, the developers of the game have taken a radical decision: Velma will no longer be able to call the police, she will now call her friends from the Scooby-Doo brigade. Information that caused a lot of reaction on social networks:

It’s very funny that they didn’t see how bad it looked to see Velma calling the police to arrest LeBron. It’s also funny to see that the fans’ response to this old character whose only character trait is to arrest criminals is: « all the police are bastards and we don’t swing ».

@JacquesPaught: Calling the police to take the criminals away isn’t what they do at the end of every Scooby-Doo episode?

@HarrisonIsOk: Yeah, but you know how people feel about the police these days. The memes with LeBron weren’t helping.

On the other characters in the game, Velma’s attack is not really controversial, even if the image of the police is criticized across the Atlantic. On LeBron, on the other hand, it recalls the too many blunders of recent years…

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