LeBron humiliated on the networks by Jae Crowder!

Decidedly, LeBron James is not close to being able to turn the page after this elimination against the Suns… Not only his haters are unleashed in the media, but the Phoenix players themselves have come to add one. layer ! Jae Crowder Humiliated The King On Instagram!

As with every series of playoffs involving Lebron james, a question arose before the first round: who to defend on the King? In Phoenix, the brave was named Jae Crowder, he who was used to this task during his time with the Celtics and last season in the Finals when he was with the Heat. But things weren’t always easy for him, especially in Game 3!

In addition to this action, the King had inappropriate words to his opponent… So inevitably, after the qualification of the Suns, Jae Crowder took pleasure in revenge! Making fun of LeBron in the field already, then adding a layer on social networks a few hours later.

It’s no fun when the rabbit has the gun !!! 12 more victories !!! Big 99

At first glance, nothing really crazy, beyond a few images that are quite nice and representative of the series… But it is in the description that everything is played out. Indeed, Jae Crowder has taken over a viral tweet from King which had made many internet users react ! He is not the only one to have done in the provocation, since Cam Johnson referred to him to the bubble and to the famous title « Mickey Mouse » of the Lakers!

Beware of overconfidence! Eliminating the defending champion is one thing, but he’s going have to be up to the Nuggets in the second round!

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