« LeBron has to stop this, he’s killing the Lakers »

If LeBron James achieves a superb individual campaign, some still find something to criticize him constantly. Recently, a reputable analyst also tackled him on a specific sector of his game… It smells a bit like bad luck there, on the other hand.

Facing private Nets of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, LeBron James once again released the (very) great game with 33 points (14/21 shooting), 7 rebounds and 6 assists. A superb performance therefore, but which did not prevent its detractors from finding something to complain about. In Skip Bayless’ case, it’s her long-range accuracy that’s the problem. The analyst of Fox Sports did not hesitate to shoot him on Twitter for this:

Skip Bayless tackles LeBron’s three-point address

LeBron: Please stop trying for three-pointers. You are killing your team. You attempt 8 per game (by far the highest number of your career) (16ᵉ NBA total). You only manage 35%, which places you 92ᵉ in the league. Too many bricks. I know you’re trying to overtake Kareem Abdul Jabbar and become an all-time high scorer. But seriously, we have to stop there.

It is true that from a purely statistical point of view, the arguments of Skip Bayless are reinforced concrete. Against Blacks and Whites, LBJ attempted no less than 8 for only two successes. His scoring production exploded this year when he was 37 (29 points per game), and he takes many more shots than in recent seasons. We can however add that it is normal that he takes more behind the arc, since it is the current trend in the league.

Moreover, if he is not yet a sniper, he is still as effective at two points. Against Brooklyn, he finished with a sublime 12/13 in the racket! His clumsiness therefore does not affect his productivity that much. Moreover, in the current conditions, it is necessary that he performs at such a level. Anthony Davis long hurt and Russell Westbrook plagued by doubts, the King has raised his voice and is delivering a magnificent individual campaign. Difficult to blame him, then!

Skip Bayless will always find a way to criticize LeBron, but there’s no denying that the Chosen One gets the job done and more in 2021-22. It remains to continue on this momentum by releasing a new big performance this evening, against the Sixers of Joel Embiid.

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