“LeBron has always been overpriced. Michael Jordan must have a good laugh « 

LeBron James has just made a huge gift to all his haters by being eliminated in the first round by a team that had not known the playoffs for 10 years! Obviously, they had a great time this Thursday, including one in particular …

It took 18 years to witness this moment: Lebron james has only just suffered its first elimination in the first round of the playoffs! A sign of exceptional longevity, of an ability to carry one’s own quite out of the ordinary, but also of a decline? In any case, the question deserves to be asked …

Because the King did not seem to be himself during his clash against the Suns. Undoubtedly still affected in the ankle after his big sprain, the n ° 23 brought out statistics well below his standards … 23.3 points, 8 assists, and 7.2 rebounds is good, but not enough to compensate for the injury. ‘Anthony davis on the last two meetings!

So inevitably in such a context, and after such a disillusionment, the haters of LeBron James had a great time! A few days after claiming that the King could join Michael Jordan in history, Skip Bayless turned his jacket over and simply destroyed the Lakers All-Star!

Admit it, blind people: LeBron James has always been over-hyped, and over-rated.

Somewhere, Michael Jordan must be having a good laugh.

Due to his first elimination in the first round of his career, for his 18th season, LeBron James would be overrated according to Skip Bayless! Once again a cutting opinion from a specialist in the field. On the other hand, it must be recognized that the King is moving away a little from Michael jordan in the all-time hierarchy …

Skip Bayless will be able to destroy LeBron James for again a few weeks after this elimination… This is probably not his last delusional opinion!

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