LeBron finally accepts his baldness?! The viral picture!

Victim of hair problems for years, LeBron James was trying somehow to get around it by all possible means. However, his latest Instagram story seems to indicate that he finally agrees to join the brotherhood of bald people… or almost!

Even the greatest champions remain mere men. As such, they too can feed some complexes, including physical ones. In the case of LeBron James, it is however not at the level of his weight, nor of his height that he can consider himself injured by his genetics. Rather well off on this side, he can however regret his hair loss, which he tries somehow to hide the damage.

LeBron James finally appears bald on the networks

For more than ten years now, LeBron has been trying to fight the baldness that threatens him, and he suffers for it the taunts of big names in the league. However, until now, it seemed almost inconceivable to see him one day face the facts, and shave the little hair he had left on his head. However, it was with a shaved head that he appeared in his last viral Instagram story!

Adorned with a hairdresser’s blouse, the King seems to have said goodbye to his hair, and asked his barber to definitely shave everything for the coming season. But while some internet users immediately took this for granted, others suspect… the use of a filter! Anyway, this photo caused, as usual, brilliant reactions on the web:

It must be a filter, LeBron will take the few hairs he has left to his grave

He’s still trying to copy Michael Jordan 🤦🏽‍♂️

At almost 38 years old, has LeBron James finally put an end to his hair in perdition? Nothing is less sure. In any case, given the many favorable reactions to this move, the King knows that he will receive the approval of the fans when he does it for good!

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