« LeBron failed miserably from that point of view, that’s all »

LeBron James is in the process of to achieve a monstrous season on an individual level, with stats rarely seen for a 37-year-old. But according to some detractors, it is not flawless, especially in a specific area of ​​the game.

The Lakers’ season may not look at all like what the executives imagined when they signed on Russell westbrook this summer. With the leader All-Star in the workforce, Los Angeles had to find the heights after a last exercise ended in the first round of the playoffs … And then, he also had to allow LeBron James and Anthony davis to breathe a little.

But after half a season, the Lakers are more or less at the same stage as the previous year, which is inevitably very disappointing. The King displays an exceptional level to keep his people afloat, AD is in the infirmary for a long time, and the Purple and Gold find themselves in the fight for the play-in. Concretely, halfway through, they don’t really look like potential champions.

LeBron James would not have integrated Russell Westbrook

In all likelihood, the future of Los Angeles lies in the ability of Russell Westbrook to blend into the collective by the playoffs. If he finds a sober role and in which he performs, Frank Vogel’s gang will be particularly dangerous and terrifying. But according to Skip Bayless, it’s up to LeBron to help his teammate at this level, and he would have failed miserably on this mission so far.

The big problem in Los Angeles right now is Russell Westbrook. At the start of the season, LeBron thought he could get the best out of him. He didn’t succeed, he even messed up miserably! Russell Westbrook has the biggest loss average, he’s the player who plays the most minutes, he’s pathetic at 3 points, pathetic on free throws… It’s hard to ignore.

LeBron James would not have been faultless in his role as captain of the Lakers ship this season, because according to Skip Bayless, it would be up to the King to bring Russell Westbrook into the game, something he doesn’t necessarily do. But the n ° 6 cannot master everything in Los Angeles… He is already making a series of boxes, he cannot accompany all his teammates personally so that they are at the level. Then concretely, all the help in the world will not prevent Mr. Triple-Double from taking questionable shots.

James James would be partially responsible for Russell Westbrook’s integration concerns. The King should be able to get the best out of his point guard, something he is struggling to accomplish at the moment. Fortunately, he has time to straighten the bar from here to the playoffs.

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