LeBron drops a big statement for Russell Westbrook!

In the turmoil with his last performance, Russell Westbrook was let go by the fans, who now want him to leave. Fortunately, his teammates decided to support him, like LeBron James. Deadline or not, the King has decided to make it clear.

It’s no joy for Russell Westbrook currently, who is entering a breakthrough week with the Lakers. After his poor performances since the start of the season, the question arises in Los Angeles: should we trade the star and turn the page? Rob Pelinka is certainly trying to find a solution, but interest in the NBA is low to non-existent.

Either the Angelinos decide to give up assets to make Westbrook leave, or no trade will see the light of day. The goal for the franchise is clear: improve the roster, not weaken it. These picks are valuable for the future, so why not recruit a big name. The Jerami Grant case failed, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over.

LeBron in support of his teammate before the deadline

And even though a large part of the fans have decided to drop Westbrook, demanding a trade, his teammates want to support him and still hope for a revival. This is the case, for example, of LeBron James, who wants Russ to stay at the Lakers. The King is convinced: the leader will succeed in climbing the slope.

We are all in this together. There’s not one guy who does this on his own. There’s not one guy you can blame more than another. There’s not one guy you can praise over another. When we lose, we all lose. When we win, we all win.

The message is clear from LeBron, who wants full support for Westbrook, who is currently going through a difficult time. Will this save him from a trade? Nobody has the answer yet, but if the King is against it, Pelinka will have to be convincing when making his choice. Should we find a team interested in a potential deal.

Whatever happens, we can expect a hectic week in the City of Angels. The Pourpre et Or will try to find solutions to improve this roster, but also to clean up. Another player is traded according to some sources, and he is not alone.

LeBron James sticks around for Russell Westbrook, hoping his teammate pulls off a big second game of season. It’s not won for the leader, who seems very far from his best level. The next few days will be decisive.

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