« LeBron derailed a trade for him, he’s stuck now »

Considered a shadow GM, LeBron James would be quite capable of putting a stop on a trade. A famous analyst is also convinced that he did it this summer for a star… and what it could well explode in his face!

This is nothing new, Lebron james is always particularly involved in the recruitment of its teams. Whether in Miami, Cleveland or the Lakers, the Chosen One has never hesitated to use his influence to bring in athletes he appreciates. A fine connoisseur of the game, he knows how to identify with whom he could perform best, and his managers therefore have no problem consulting him on certain issues.

However, that also means that he is able to veto certain moves, and Shannon Sharpe is even convinced that he did so during the offseason. In the eyes of the analyst of Fox sports, the King clearly derailed a trade for Buddy Hield, long expected to arrive in LA. He preferred her Russell westbrook, which is why Sharpe feels he takes some of the blame if the Brodie disappoints:

LeBron blocked Buddy Hield trade to Lakers

LeBron won’t be able to get by because they had a deal to go find Buddy Hield, and he and AD wanted Russell. That’s what LeBron wanted, he didn’t want too much of Hield. Rob Pelinka gave him Russell, they gave him the idea. You wanted Russ, you got Russ. You’re stuck with him.

There is obviously a lack of proof for this hypothesis to be verifiable, but it is clear that the idea is not that crazy. James has never hidden his desire to have a star like RW by his side, especially as he is in theory able to relieve him in the distribution of the game. The fit with Hield was less obvious, the latter being known to be a black hole once inflated in hand. On paper, we can therefore understand the winger’s approach.

However, that also means he has to take responsibility for failure, especially with a figure as polarizing as Westbrook. Many are waiting for it to spit their venom on the quadruple champion, and it could well impact his legacy if he fails to put a fifth ring on his finger. Lucky for him, he’s used to that kind of pressure. It remains to be seen if he will get through this time.

LeBron has taken risks this year as he is running out of time. His choices must pay off at all costs, otherwise he can expect a big backfire.

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