LeBron consolation prize after elimination


For the first time in his career, LeBron James was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs… If the disappointment is undoubtedly great, he did not lose everything to the Suns. Indeed, he achieved a totally crazy feat that could serve as a consolation prize.

Everyone expected to see a Lebron james brilliant on this first round of the playoffs. After a season marked by injuries, he had the opportunity to strike a blow against one of the most attractive teams of the year … Especially since he was facing one of his best friends, Chris Paul, which must have added to his motivation.

Unfortunately for the defending champions, the King seemed further diminished by his severe ankle sprain, which did not allow him to don his superhero costume like he could during his time in Cleveland. Result, he experienced his first elimination in the first round of the playoffs, the fault of a great Devin Booker !

But all is not dark in this postseason for the King, even if the clearings are difficult to detect. He can at least be satisfied with a resounding feat. Indeed, following this lost series, LeBron James is now in the Top 10 all-time playoffs in all the most important statistical categories!

LeBron only needed a few counters to validate this feat, and his 2 blocks on the series will have been enough. He still has a few seasons to improve this record and climb in certain categories. Why not become the best 3-point shooter in postseason history?

LeBron James is statistically the best playoff player of all time. And this feat could well become an unbeatable brand for next generations.


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