LeBron breaks the ancestral tradition and creates a big controversy in NHL!

LeBron James is a great sports enthusiast, and as the Stanley Cup approaches, he has been invited by the NHL to a prestigious event. He was lucky enough to come across the oldest trophy in North American sport, but he unfortunately broke an ancestral tradition. Hockey fans got carried away.

LeBron James is an NBA icon, one of the greatest players of all time and the holder of numerous records, but basketball isn’t the only sport he’s involved in. For example, he is passionate about American football, he who was a real star in high school and who is a big fan of the Cowboys in the NFL, and he is also interested in football since he invested in the Liverpool club. He was also at Paris in recent weeks for the Champions League final.

What is less known is that he also has a special connection with ice hockey, even if he has probably never set foot in an ice rink. Indeed, he is one of the minority shareholders of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and as such, he had the chance to discover the legendary Stanley Cup as the NHL Finals approached. The official league account shared these images on social media…

LeBron is breaking an ancestral tradition in the NHL!

For the first time in his life, LeBron James had the chance to approach the Stanley Cup, the trophy awarded to the winners of the NHL championship. But this cup, which is the oldest of the great North American sports (given for the first time in 1893, editor’s note), is surrounded by many legends, and in particular one who wants to touch it without having won it brings bad luck. Hockey fans were quick to point this out to the King.

If it’s not your cut you must not touch it, especially without gloves my man

Nope ! You can’t touch the cup if you haven’t earned it! I saw the cup too, obviously I didn’t touch it.

According to legend, people who touch the Stanley Cup without winning the title are afflicted with a curse. Let’s hope for the Lakers that the King will be spared, a second difficult season in a row would be difficult for the supporters to manage.

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