LeBron attacked cash: « The dumbest thing in history »

In nearly 20 years of service in the NBA, LeBron James has seen few of his counterparts dare to attack him head-on. One of his contemporaries has yet done so in recent hours in a tirade on Twitter, before trying to catch up awkwardly!

Whether for his performance on the NBA floors for almost two decades, or for his impact on its current functioning, he is today an almost untouchable entity within the league. LeBron James rarely has to face the criticism of his peers, who more often see him as an example to follow. It happens despite everything that some attack him… and end up regretting it.

Brandon Jennings massacres LeBron… then kickbacks

Disappeared from the circuit in 2018, Brandon Jennings had nevertheless made a remarkable debut there. Author of a 55-point game for his 7th appearance in the NBA, the former point guard never knew how to justify the hype born that day. Now it is on the networks that he manages to get people talking about him with viral tweets. His latest to date thus criticize the new dynamic of the league, which he attributes in particular… to LeBron:

Already, whoever made it a player-run league did the dumbest thing in basketball history.

Richard Goodman: Are you targeting David Stern?

Brandon Jennings: Nah I reckon it’s CP3, Bron and all those. And I understand that they want to have money, but what I mean is that the passion for the sport is gone!!! Children don’t even watch games anymore, they just go to see highlights on Twitter or Instagram

Even if his development seems a bit messy, Jennings is not the only one to blame LBJ for this. By forcing his transfer to the Heat in 2010, the King has, according to many observers, reversed the balance of power between leaders and players, so much so that the latter now believe that everything is allowed. Faced with the extent of his remarks, the ex-Bucks star sought to calm the ardor, but the damage was done!

Bron and CP3 deserved this!! What I meant was that not everyone should be entitled to such privileges. There are only certain players who can do certain things. Not everyone can feel entitled to do the same. It remains a business, and a system to be respected.

Annoyed by the takeover of players in the NBA, Brandon Jennings did not hesitate to accuse LeBron James of this development. It was enough to cause a huge buzz, on which the King should sooner or later end up falling!

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