LeBron and D-Wade react to the big message from a future Hall of Famer!

Soon inducted into the Hall of Fame, Chris Bosh recently distinguished himself with a very moving message, ahead of the ceremony. The latter did not fall on deaf ears, since LeBron James and Dwyane Wade answered him in the process!

Retired for five years due to a blood clot problem, Chris Bosh remains one of the best big men in history. The NBA was not mistaken, since it voted to enter the Hall of Fame in its first year of eligibility! A big honor for the ex-Miami player, who recently posted a compilation of his career highlights:

If we note the total absence of images of CB1 at the Raptors, his first franchise, the tribute he pays to his « brothers » is obvious, in particular Lebron james and Dwyane Wade. The two members of Tres Amigos from South Beach of course saw the post, and were quick to respond to their friend in the comments of the post:

Love for you my brother ❤️

Hall of Famer! Full of love for you brother

Four Finals in as many years, as well as two titles: the three superstars have really marked the history of the Heat, which had previously only been champion once (2006, already with Wade). If the Big Three broke up after 2014 and the King’s return to Cleveland, the friendship between them has remained intact. It’s good to see.

In a few years, LeBron and Wade will be able to join Chris Bosh at the Hall of Fame. In the meantime, the ex-interior can savor the attention around him, and it’s well deserved!

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