Learning to swim experienced in a mobile pool

COMPANY – A prototype of a mobile basin is being tested in a small town in the Aisne region located in an area lacking nautical equipment

« If you can’t go to the pool, the pool comes to you. » For the vice-president of sports for the Hauts-de-France region, Florence Bariseau, the idea is simple. It remained to be put into practice because in certain sectors, one in three children cannot swim when they arrive at college.

Faced with this observation, the Hauts-de-France region has decided to develop learning to swim in primary school with a prototype of a mobile pool. It is an indoor mini-swimming pool equipped with a pool of 8 meters by 2 meters, with a depth that can vary between 10 cm (for the little ones) to 1.20 m. For a fortnight and until October 15, the installation has been seated in Marle, in the Aisne.

Deficient areas

This town of just over 2,000 inhabitants is one of the many deficient areas in the region, where the first nautical basin is located 25 km away, in Laon. “It takes more than an hour by bus round trip to get to the pool. For children in primary school, this means a long trip for only twenty minutes in the water, ”emphasizes Florence Bariseau.

It is difficult in these conditions to learn to swim correctly. This is one of the reasons why, in France, a quarter of accidental drownings concern children under the age of 6 (…) Read more on 20minutes

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